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Who we are

The Albanian Centre for Competitiveness and International Trade (ACIT) is an Albanian based think-tank focused on economic governance, and sustainability. The aim of our work is the improvement of the performance of Albanian economy and its competitiveness, the increase of employment, inclusiveness and welfare, and the promotion of exports and investments.

In this website you can find reports and studies on latest trade and economic developments, up to date and accurate statistical analysis and elaborated data, information on various events related to our field of activity, links to main sources from international organzatons’ reports, etc. We hope you find this useful for your activities and interest. For more, keep in touch with our website or contact us directly.


ACIT (Albanian Centre for Competitiveness and International Trade) is an Albanian economic think tank established in 2002. ACIT was set up as a project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Later in 2008, ACIT transited from the project status and was registered as non for profit organisation. Its major goal is to improve the quality of economic policies as important instruments for growth and development, as well as for increasing the public benefit from opportunities created by globalization trends and integration processes. Its concept was based on USAID’s project guidelines, further coined from an intense and participatory discussion with various stakeholders in Albania.

Starting from the year 2002, ACIT has been continually providing a special support to economic operators in several industries. This support aimed at increasing the competitiveness by helping to improve economic governance and the environment of development policies. This was done by increasing the managerial, financial and marketing capabilities in the selected sectors. The contribution of ACIT to the public debate on economic policies and development has been consistent throughout the years. ACIT is the only Albanian think tank which has been a full member of the former Business Consultative Council for several years, an important institution established by the Minister of Economy for improving decision making thank to business community contribution. In different contexts, the research and study work produced by ACIT has been highly appreciated for offering sound analysis of economic developments and for the efforts in influencing policy making processes.


The ACIT’s mission is the improvement of the quality of economic governance as an important instrument for the economic growth and development, as well as the increase in the benefits of the society and citizens from the opportunities of economic integration. In its activities, ACIT assists both, the private business and the decision making bodies, in their efforts for increasing the economic performance and ensuring sustainable growth through improved competitiveness at all its dimensions. ACIT services and expertise are extended to several interest groups, to the media and public at large, thus creating the necessary awareness and promoting the participation and informed debate on the effective policies and management issues. Providing up-to-date and filtered trade information, performing quality research work, facilitating policy forums on economic policies, and undertaking capacity building activities, are the main areas of ACIT’s competency and expertise.

To accomplish this mission, ACIT has developed its strategy based on five main pillars. ACIT operates as:

Study and research
Centre on economic governance and related policies
Consultancy and resource centre
Provides direct access to analytical information on economy and its impact in society
Training and capacity building centre
Providing ad-hoc curricula for various sectors
Promotion centre
For the competitiveness of the Albanian economy
Dialogue forum
Among various stakeholders and interest groups, aiming at the improvement of economic policies and the informed public debate