In this section you will find the main publications of ACIT. They include research papers, policy studies, reports, etc. ACIT’s publication work has proved to be of substantial help for policy-makers, civil society organisations, business community, experts, academia, and media. We always aim to provide sound analysis based on accurate data, as a primary necessity for improving the quality of public policies.

Policy Memo: Trade Agreements and Barriers between Albania and Kosovo (2020) (in Albanian)
Two States, One Economy: Economic and Trade integration between Albania and Kosovo (2020)
(in Albanian)
The Greater Europe: Analysis of the European integration of Albania and Kosovo (2019)
(in English) (in Albanian)
Analysis of costs and benefits of Albania’s EU integration process (2014) (in Albanian)
(Executive summary in English)
Foreign Trade Report 2014
Foreign Trade Report 2013
Study on the Economic Impact of the Greek Crisis in Albania (2012)
Foreign Trade Report 2012
Foreign Trade Report 2011
Study on social and economic impact of the crisis in the fason industry (2010)
Foreign Trade Report 2010
A Study on the Value Added Tax Reimbursement for Exporters (2010)
Foreign Trade Report 2009
Foreign Trade Report 2008
Foreign Trade Report 2007
Foreign Trade Report 2006
Foreign Trade Report 2005
Foreign Trade Report 2004
The situation and competitiveness level of the agro-food sector in Albania (2003)
The Competitiveness Environment in Albania (2003)
Main Features of Stabilization and Association Agreements and the differences with Europe Agreements (2003)
Foreign Trade Report 2003
Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of the Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization (2003)
Trade Liberalisation in the Balkans-A Blessing in Disguise? (2003)
A Free Trade Area in South Eastern Europe? Prospects and Problems (2003)
The review compliance proceedings under Article 21.5 of the DSU (2003)
Albania in Transition and the Regional Integration Process (2003)
Trade Liberalization, Foreign Trade and Integrated Export Policy in Kosova (2003)
Trade Liberalization:The case of Bulgaria (2003)
Stable Population Movements as a Factor of Economic Stabilization and Integration of the Western Balkans into the European Union (2003)
Stabilization and Association Process in Albania and Institutional Framework (2003)
Analysis of competitiveness on the textile/garment and leather/shoes industries from an international perspective (2003)
Albania – The difficult road towards sustainable growth (2003)
Current Account Sustainability (2003)
Exchange Rate Management or Currency Replacement (2003)
Albania’s Foreign Trade through a Gravity Approach (2002)
Foreign Trade Report 2002
The Process of Trade Policies, the Regulation of the Presence and the Interaction of Institutions (2002)
Trade and Economic Development (2002)