Rules of origin – and their expected effect on trade June 29, 2007, Tirana

As informed previously, on June 29th, 2007, at Sheraton Hotel, ACIT successfully organized the Seminar on “Rules of Origin  in the context of Albania’s Economic Integration processes”:
The discussion was oriented by three main presentations held by ACIT experts and an official of the General Customs Directorate – the section of “Origin, Value and Tariff Issues”:


  1. “Integration processes and the Rules of Origin”,  by Prof Ahmet Mancellari, Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, associate expert of ACIT
  2. “Expected impacts of the Rules of  Origin – an empiric assessment”, by PhD(abd) Agolli Mimoza, Trade Policy Analyst  at ACIT

“Implementation of the Rules of  Origin – an informative, institutional capacitating   and  administrative coordinating viewpoint”,  by  Ms. Flutura Shehi, Expert at the Directory of Origin, Value and Tariffs, General Customs Directorate                                                                                    

The USAID mission was represented by Ms. Alma Kospiri who actively followed the seminar.
As this was conceived as an internal working activity, the presence of media was intentionally limited to just one professional magazine.

The audience expressed its high appreciation for the quality of the presentations. As the seminar was held in Albanian only, for the moment we don’t have the English version of them. This will be finished by next week and the presentations in both languages will be published on ACIT’s web.
The last session was dedicated to open debate and comments on those topics, The discussions showed an high sensitivity of the participants , in particular of the business people regarding such “new issues” and the active change of views and the information among our panelists and attendance helped a lot to enlighten delicate aspects of the understanding and correct implementation of Rules of Origin.
Especially hot topics resulted to be: the process of acquiring “cumulative origin” in the context of an inter-relationship among three types of FTA-s: bilateral (Turkey) , regional (CEFTA 2006) and EU-Albania SAA,  the use of alternative documentation by exporters, the procedure of obtaining the status of “Approved Exporter”, etc.
For some of the issues contacts were established and clarification meetings were scheduled among the companies and the Customs representative for further explanations.
The interest expressed, together with the necessity of a quick absorption of the new rules and definitions as required by entering into force of the two free trade agreement: the SAA –Interim and the CEFTA – 2006, “suggests” an extension of similar activity also in some major districts of Albania. We are considering this and we will inform you timely on the date and location of new activities like this.




 Prof Ahmet Mancellari

PhD(abd) Mimoza Agolli