Conference on Albania’s Foreign Trade Report 2012

On May 17th 2013, ACIT organized the annual Conference entitled “Albania’s Foreign Trade 2012 Report: New developments, challenges and opportunities”. The main purpose of this activity was to bring together the different stakeholders and present the findings from the Trade Report 2012 elaborated by ACIT experts. Invited persons included representatives from various sectors, both public and private, together with researchers, media, civil society and foreign commercial representatives. The participants could hear presentations from ACIT experts on Albania’s 2012 trade performance in various sectors and then discuss the impact of the global crisis on the economy and the challenges ahead. Below you can find the presentations held in the event and the full version of the Albania’s Foreign Trade Report 2012.



Albania’s Macro Trade Developments in 2012 and Challenges Ahead,           Prof. Ahmet Mançellari, Associated expert, ACIT.

Albania’s trade geography and main sectors. The case of Agriculture,                Mr. Gentian Elezi, Executive Director, ACIT

Full version of Albania’s Trade Report 2012