Albanian Foreign Trade 2007: Achievements and new challenges ahead – February 27, 2008, Tirana

The purpose of this event was four-fold:

-Present the latest result regarding Albania’s exports and imports, the respective commodity structure, geographical distribution and policy issues related to the sector’s performance.

-Take a quick look on the revealed implication from the new trade liberalizing agreements (SAA-interim and CEFTA-2006), currently into force.

-Assess the export performance of the economy and selected sectors, with a focus to competitiveness and the business climate issues.

-Promote a participatory debate, on policies affecting the Albania’s still huge trade deficit and the overall performance of the sector.


Specifics and problems Regarding the export performance of selected sectors

Prof. Ahmet Mançellari, Tirana University Associate expert to ACIT

Albanian Foreign Trade 2007, Achievements and new Challenges ahead

Dr. Selim Belortaja